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Author Topic: Spawn timer for non-wq related rares?  (Read 31 times)


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Spawn timer for non-wq related rares?
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:52:07 PM »

Been camping rares for commander achievement. For 3 days this ‘Sorolis the Ill-fated’ never spawned. I looked into it and couldn't find any specific answer. So, if there is no WQ targeting a rare on Argus, how long will it take for it to spawn/respawn?

Most ppl agree on the 4 hour rare rotation timer, the thing is, some rares do spawn even if there is no WQ killing them, but some don't. As for my personal experience, all but 3 rares on the list CAN and DID spawn without WQ (excluding summoning ones ofc). The three being Sorolis, the vigilant near Sorolis, and the Champion of taken in the middle of Mac'Aree. Someone on wowhead clearly said all rares should spawn within 24 hours.

Am I just being unlucky? This one last rare is making me paranoid about WoW again lol. Plz release me from this madness.

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