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Author Topic: SOF/TH mechanics trends  (Read 1719 times)


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SOF/TH mechanics trends
« on: December 30, 2017, 02:56:02 PM »
Over the past year, ive gained interest in collecting items. Not bulk collecting, but high diversity of items relates to one another or of a particular group. This interest is mainly in treasure hunter items. I currently have one of every real th item (not summer event items not obtained through th.) I also dont have a black santa hat. I really like obtaining them myself as well rather than buying them on ge. This has become easier with the re-releases of promos like gem and rainbow.
Now for my question: The squeal of fortune items havent been re-released. I got a fish mask but not a christmas tree hat during the promo. A lot of people seem to have insider info on a lot of runescape happenings so i was wondering if anyone knows if i can expect to obtain these in the future by myself? I am okay buying it myself if need be, but am genuinely curious if maybe anything has been said on this topic

Please help.
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